Automatic milking system VMS

Le robot de traite VMS DeLaval vous offre un mode de vie qui n’est généralement compatible avec les autres méthodes de traite traditionnelles. Des milliers de familles ont déjà choisi de déléguer les lourdes tâches de la traite à un robot de traite VMS DeLaval et ces familles profitent aujourd’hui d’un mode de vie plus souple.

Control your time better

DeLaval VMS offers farming families time away from a stringent daily milking schedule and the freedom to choose how they want to spend it.

With DeLaval VMS, important family events can now be enjoyed to the fullest extent. You can also better invest your time in more profitable tasks such as managing your feed costs, controlling your herd health and developing your management skills.

You are now in complete control of your daily schedule and free to do whatever you want to.

AMS guidelines

FutureDairy is a research program to help Australia's dairy farmers manage the challenges they are likely to face during the next 20 years. This is a strategic investment on the industry’s behalf, to improve lifestyle and productivity in the long term. Various facets of dairy farming in Australia are being covered by this project and one of these is the integration of technological innovations and the impact that they will have to the Australian dairy farmer. Automatic milking in a pasture based environment is one of the innovations that the project has been working with. The outcome of this has been the production of the Management Guidelines for Pasture Based AMS farms.

AMS Guidelines>>>

DeLaval's Top Milker - VMS

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